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  • What is Royal Honey used for?
    - Golden Royal Honey is used for men vitality. This natural honey increases sexual desires and drive that lasts for serveral days.
  • When should I take Royal Honey?
    You should take royal honey when you need a extra boost of sexual energy. However, do not take more than I sachet within a 24hr time period and consult with your physician before consuming.
  • How long does Royal Honey take to kick in?
    Royal Honey can take anywhere between 30mins to an hour to kick in and stay in your system for serveral days afterwards.
  • How do you drink Royal Honey?
    You may drink Royal Honet straight from the sachet, there is no need to ,ix with anything unless you would like to.
  • What does Royal Honey do for her?
    Regulated mentrual cycle. Enhances sexual activity in menopausal. Tightens vaginal muscles. Reduces vaginal discharge and protects against baterial infection.
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